“From puppets to empowerment” – Production and broadcasting of an educational TV program for children and younger adolescents


This project will be implemented in period from beginning of September till end of December 2010, thanks to the funding from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of International Cooperation of Monaco and UNICEF Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The country-wide research that was conducted during 2008 on general assessment of landmine impact in Bosnia and Herzegovina identified 1.631 endangered communities. It is estimated that mine infected local communities directly impact the safety of 920.000 people. Out of this number of people 154.000 of them are living in highly impacted local communities, 342.000 people are living in medium impacted local communities and 424.000 people are living in low impacted local communities. That mean Bosnia and Herzegovina belong to the group of few most endangered countries in the world.

Through this project, thanks to the power of TV as media, Genesis Project will influence to reduce the negative impact that mines have on children and their communities in BiH and to achieve permanent influence on the development and formation of consciousness, within children and adults, about the constant and long term danger from mines and unexploded ordnance. Educational TV program will, with its messages, its concept and its context, send messages about the dangerous of mines and UXO’s.

Reasons for selection of educational TV programs (method of TV puppet shows) for the education of children / adolescents / adults are as follows:

  • innovative approach;
  • children learn faster and deeper when new knowledge is presented to them through puppet show performances;
  • TV programs are an excellent way to transfer different educational messages in an interesting and child friendly manner;
  • possibility to target a large number of project beneficiaries;
  • possibility to target rural population;
  • relatively small budget allows us to target a huge number of direct beneficiaries;
  • to-date we have produced and broadcast 29 educational TV shows for children on 9 TV stations throughout BiH.

Through TV puppet shows, Genesis Project has the opportunity to enter small rural communities and meet with children living in rural areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina, offering them, besides education, an entertainment, a pleasure, something profound and cultural.

TV is a powerful media that can be used for sending out educational messages to a wider population and it allows access to rural parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


This project has the following aims:

  • to equip children with the knowledge and skills that would allow them to adopt safer behavior towards mines and UXO,
  • to develop consciousness about the importance of constant mine risk education; and to encourage them to get involved in MRE activity,
  • to influence formation of positive attitudes about children-mine victims and about physically disabled persons,
  • to give children some guidelines as to how children can assist the process of integration of physically disabled children into society, into different social groups,
  • to disseminate correct information on mine risk education through video taped puppet shows for children, their parents and other TV audience (through TV broadcast we covered approximately 75% of BiH territory).

The concrete results of the project are following:

Specific goal 1: Production of 5 TV shows for children on Mine Risk Education

  • 5 episodes (TV shows) on Mine Risk Education produced (in total, over 50 minutes of MRE educational TV program for children).
    • Proof: 5 episodes will be recorded on BETA tapes and DVD’s for further use (TV stations and primary schools), monthly project progress reports, final narrative report, monitoring reports.

Specific goal 2: Broadcasting of 5 TV on Mine Risk Education on selected TV stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • 5 episodes on Mine Risk Education have been broadcasted on selected TV stations covering whole Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    • Proof: TV station reports, newspaper articles, report on TV View Index in BiH, monthly project progress reports, final narrative report, monitoring reports.

Note: The two main entity televisions (RTRS and FRT) have already confirmed their interest for broadcasting of MRE TV shows.

Specific goal 3: Conducting assessment through focus groups with children in BiH to evaluate impact of MRE TV shows

  • increased level of awareness amongst children in Bosnia and Herzegovina on risks posed by mines and UXO’s.
    • Proof: Report on assessment through focus groups with children  reflecting the impact of MRE TV shows; monthly project progress reports, final narrative report, monitoring reports  

The project is focused on production and broadcasting of educational TV program for children (MRE puppet show) and will create an opportunity to reach large number of children including the children living in the rural areas. Besides education, the MRE TV programme is offering entertainment and something profound and cultural. We can proudly state that Genesis Project is, at the moment, one of the few NGOs in BiH that produces educational children TV programme.

Overall goal of the produced and broadcasted TV program/TV shows is to raise awareness amongst children in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the risks posed by the mines and unexploded ordinances (UXO’s).





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