Genesis Project and Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) cooperation on the project: «Humanization of relationship between two sexes – Gender Equality»


Thanks to funding from Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Genesis Project has, on the beginning of January 2007, initiated implementation of humanitarian-educational project «Humanization of relationship between two sexes – Gender Equality».

Implementation of this project lasted during 2007 year in 6 primary schools in Republika Srpska and in 9 primary schools in Zenica-Doboj canton, in Federation of BiH (in total we will target 15 schools). Implementation finished on December 31st 2007. Genesis Project introduced the Republic of Srpska Ministry of Education and Culture – Pedagogical institute to the goals and activities of this project. We have received a letter in which they support the implementation of this project in 6 selected schools in Rep. Srpska. Genesis Project also introduced Zenica-Doboj Canton Pedagogical Institute - Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport with the goals and activities of this project. Zenica-Doboj Canton Pedagogical Institute - Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport issued approval for project implementation in 9 Zenica-Doboj primary schools.

Project was composed from following activities:

  • Activity 1: Training sessions for teachers for sustainable Gender Equality Education, in primary schools.
  • Activity 2: Organization and conduct of peer education workshops on gender equality, with future peer-educators, in primary schools.
  • Activity 3: Practical work with peer-educators - preparations for conduct of gender equality classes.
  • Activity 4: Conduct of gender equality classes and workshops focusing on lessons learned (active use of “Gender Equality” educational kit for teachers and peer-educators).
  • Activity 5: Evaluation activities: Pre-testing and post-testing of level of knowledge of children – peer educators.
  • Activity 6: Evaluation, monitoring and exchange of experiences with peer-educators and schoolteachers from 10 primary schools targeted during implementation of the project         “Humanization of relationship between two sexes – Gender Equality Education in primary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

Project goal:

To permanently influence the development of a positive attitude and consciousness (of children and adults) about gender equality and need for promotion and protection of gender equality that will guarantee equal opportunities to all members of society, preventing direct and indirect gender-based discrimination.

Project Objectives

  • To create an inclusive, learner-centered and gender sensitive environment in targeted primary schools.
  • To equip schoolteachers with the knowledge and skills that would allow them to conduct good quality, independent and sustainable gender equality education in primary schools.
  • To equip children with “peer-education” skills that will allow them to transfer their knowledge about gender equality to their peers.
  • To initiate and support “community-school based” actions on promotion of gender equality through empowerment of school teachers and peer-educators.
  • To increase the level of awareness and knowledge of children on following topics:
  • What is learning?
  • What does it mean to be a man or a woman?
  • Traditional and cultural impact of society on gender issues.
  • Stereotyping and prejudices.
  • Our body. 
  • What is love? What is sex?
  • Prevention – capability to protect our health, safe sex, contraception.

Genesis Project has obtained necessary approval for project implementation from Republika Srpska Pedagogical institute – Ministry of education and culture of Republika Srpska and from Cantonal ministry of education, science, culture and sport – Una-Sana canton in Federation of BiH.

Direct target group:

  • 300 children/younger adolescents (7 and 8 grade in Rep. Srpska and 6 and 7 grade in Zenica-Doboj canton) participating in peer-education workshops on gender equality in 15 primary schools in B&H (2 groups x 10 children x 15 schools).
  • 180 schoolteachers participating in 15 training sessions for sustainable Gender Equality education in schools.
  • 15 primary schools (9 primary schools in Zenica-Doboj canton and 6 primary schools in Republika Srpska).

Indirect target group:

  • 120 schoolteachers present during gender equality classes, held by peer-educators.
  • 1500 children present during gender equality classes, held by peer-educators.
  • 600 parents of children that participate in peer-education workshops

Project beneficiaries were children of both sexes (equal representation), children of different ethnic groups, rural and urban children, domicile, displaced and returnee children, children coming from different social groups.

Schools in which we will implement this project were:

All project educational materials, including brochure “Gender equality for peer-educators and schoolteachers” were developed in close cooperation with Gender centre of Government of Republika Srpska and with experts from Republika Srpska Pedagogical institute – Ministry of education and culture of Republika Srpska. On that way we have ensured that all gender equality messages are correct as well as that they are pedagogically adapted to our target group.  

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