Genesis Project and International Orthodox Christian Charity (IOCC) – cooperation on project:
“Gender equality education for younger adolescents”


The aim of the action was to prepare, organize and implement 160 gender equality workshops for 160 younger adolescents in Banja Luka. Project was implemented from June 1, 2006 till November 30, 2006.

Project is fully implemented by Genesis Project, but with support from following institutions and organizations:

Total number of 200 educated peer-educators.

Overall Goal

  1. To reduce the impact of negative attitudes and stereotyping about gender equality on children in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  2. To achieve permanent influence on the development and formation of consciousness,     within children and adults, about constant and long-term need for promotion and     protection of gender equality that will guarantee equal conditions to all members of     society, preventing direct and indirect discrimination based on sexes.
  3. To initiate and support ‘community/school based’ actions toward gender equality through empowerment of adolescents/peer-educators

Specific Objectives

  1. To identify 160 younger adolescents who will be participating in gender equality workshops.
  2. To increase the level of awareness and knowledge, amongst younger adolescents about     following issues:

- What does it mean to be man or woman?
- Traditional and cultural impact of society on gender issues
- Stereotyping and prejudices
- Our body 
- What is love? What is sex?
- Right to be educated and right to work

  1. To equip 160 younger adolescents with ‘peer-education’ skills that will allow them to facilitate transfer of knowledge on gender equality to their peers.

Younger adolescents (future peer-educators) received basic knowledge about following gender equality issues:

  1. What is learning?
  2. Our body – What does it mean to be man or woman?
  3. What is love? What is sex?
  4. Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. Traditional and cultural impact of society on gender issues – stereotyping and prejudices

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